Media Coverage: 2015

Flamie mascot teaser image

‘FLAME CON,’ Queer Comic Con, Coming To NYC

Are you ready for New York City’s first comic con specifically designed for the queer community? Geek OUT! announced this week that the organization will sponsor “FLAME CON” this summer and it will be the Big Apple’s first-ever queer-focused comic con. We initially brought you this story last November when organizers were engaged in a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the event.

Cosplayers dressed as Adventure Time's Lumpy Space Princess, Finn the Human, and Jake the Dog.

Holy Flame Con, Batman!

Flame Con, New York’s first queer comic con, was created by Geeks Out as a “one-day comics, arts, and entertainment expo showcasing creators and celebrities from all corners of LGBTQ geek fandom, including comics, video games, film, and television,” and it hosted more than 2,200 guests this past weekend at the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn.