Remo has limited built-in accessibility features, though they are developing quickly. In the meantime, let us help you navigate the virtual show!

To be sent directly to an exhibitor’s table:

To visit programming rooms directly:

Recommended technology:

  • Captions: We expect to provide captioning for all programming events. Elsewhere, we recommend using Google Chrome’s Live Caption or Web Captioner
  • Screen reader for show floor: Remo is partially compatible with Google ChromeVox but we found the experience greatly improved by using a selective OCR reader to translate video and images into text that Chromevox can parse. We found CopyFish to provide the best OCR experience. If you are unable to use an OCR reader, request a Floor Guide for assistance navigating the convention!

Need help?

Blank screen? Camera or mic not working? Is someone doing something inappropriate? Let us know right away! 

Open a Private Chat with the Geeks Out Info table on the first floor of the exhibit hall or tweet @FlameCon using the hashtag #FC21Support