Gaymer Lounge

Gaymer Lounge

The Gaymer Lounge is a gaming focused area to kick back and get immersed in a multitude of board games, card games, video games and TTRPGs. Learn new games, meet new people, take part in tournaments, and participate in the official Flame Con game!


From meet-ups and freeplays to learning sessions and tournaments, the Gaymer Lounge is the place to be for any gamer at any level. Check back later for the 2024 schedule!

The Official Flame Con Game

Exhibition Expedition

The Exhibition Expedition is the official game of Flame Con. Players will receive a game board each day to take part in this interactive quest. Their goal is to track down all participating exhibitors in the main hall and complete each exhibitor’s task. If an exhibitor’s task is fulfilled, they will leave their unique mark on the player’s game board. If a player can acquire all 25 marks in the day, they can submit their completed game board for the day’s final raffle. You see each exhibitor will have contributed a fantastic piece of geeky merch to the prize pot, to be won by a single player each day. Those with completed game boards can enter to win these fabulous prizes. Be sure to get your game boards in on time, and remember that in order to win you must be present for the raffle drawing. 

Saturday Drawing:


Sunday Drawing:


NYC Gaymers

NYC Gaymers

The Gaymer Lounge is operated by NYC’s own NYC Gaymers! NYC Gaymers (est. 2012) began as a member-led community of LGBTQIA+ gamers, moving to uplift the voices of marginalized gamers, and sustain a space that shares a diversity and passion that is reflective of both New York City and Gaming culture.

Their mission is to empower gamers across the intersections of orientation, identity, expression, race, and ability, in order to uplift and center our most marginalized community members through education, advocacy, and the creation of safer spaces.