Volunteer FAQ

When is the deadline to apply to be a volunteer?

Volunteer applications will close on Wednesday, July 15th 11:59 PM EST.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

Volunteers must be 18 years of age at the time of the convention.

How are volunteers picked?

Applications are reviewed by our Volunteer Coordinators, and are selected based on our current volunteer needs. You should expect to hear back from our Coordinators team within 2 weeks.

How long will I have to volunteer for?

Volunteers are expected to work at least one 4-hour shift during the convention. There are also opportunities to work multiple shifts per day or over the course of the weekend.

What are the perks of being a volunteer?

Volunteers at Flame Con will receive a weekend pass to the convention, as well as a special Flame Con branded t-shirt. Flame Con does not cover travel or lodging expenses for volunteers.

What if I need accessibility accommodations?

While filling out the volunteer form, there is a space provided if you require reasonable accommodations during your volunteer shift. Please do not hesitate to mention anything that you think is noteworthy; we want Flame Con to be enjoyable for everyone.

If I volunteer and finish my assigned shift(s) do I have to leave the Convention?

Your volunteer badge is valid for both days of the convention, so you are free to stay for the entire convention for both days even if you are not assigned a position on a certain day or have finished your shift.

If I volunteer, do I get a plus 1 guest with me?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow that. Any extra guests that want to attend must have an official Flame Con badge to attend the convention, you are on the other hand free to encourage a friend or family to sign up to also be a volunteer. (*Exceptions allowed for accessibility aides.)

– You should not bring/care for children or toddlers as a volunteer. We are not saying that they aren’t welcomed, only that as a volunteer you cannot have them with you while you work. You can however have someone you know in the convention with a valid badge, bring/watch them. After your shift is over, you can enjoy the rest of Flame Con with them.

If I volunteer, will there be food?

Our staff would let you know before-hand or on the day of the convention if anything.
We do highly recommend that you bring money for your own food or bring your own lunch with you just in case. 

Will I have a place to leave my bag?

Yes, we offer the use of our staff room to store any personal items. Please be advised that while the staff room is closed off from the rest of the convention, it is not locked during convention hours. You will still need to be responsible for your own items for the duration of the convention.