Exhibitor FAQ

What are the dates?

This year’s FlameCon will be held on Saturday, August 17th and Sunday, August 18th at The Sheraton, Times Square, NY.

When will tables be available?

Tables will be released for sale in 3 blocks. The release schedule is as follows:

March 1, 2024 @12:00pm EST

March 3, 2024 @4:00pm EST

March 5, 2024 @9:00pm EST 

    When can exhibitors check in/set up?

    Exhibitor load in will be 8am-11:30am on Saturday, August 17th. Break down will be Sunday, August 18th from 6pm-7pm. We cannot allow setup the preceeding Friday as the venue hosts other events.

    Can I have helpers for setup and tear-down?

    Yes you may. Anyone you need with you may help you with your table space for setup and tear-down. Please be advised that on Saturday the 17th, anyone without an exhibitor badge will be escorted off of the show floor at 11:30am. On Sunday the 18th, all tables should be cleared and loaded out by 7pm.

    I require an accessibility accommodation, what should I do?

    If you did not disclose so in the table registration process or circumstances have changed, please email us at exhibitors@flamecon.org. We will do everything we can to help provide reasonable accommodations to those who require it.

    Can we request locations in proximity to other exhibitors?

    Tables are placed randomly. If there are other exhibitors you’d like to be seated near, you are welcome to inform our exhibitor team. Please be advised that while we will try our best, we cannot guarantee placements.

    What if I want a refund on my table?

    Please email exhibitors@flamecon.org, and we will make sure it is taken care of. We’re sad that we won’t be able to see you this year but hope that we’ll be able to in the future. Be aware that there are cancellation deadlines governing how much you can be refunded.

    What is the table cancellation schedule?

    • Prior to April 30th, 2024, exhibitors may receive a full refund less processing fees. 
    • From May 1st to June 30th, 2024, exhibitors may receive a refund of 50% of the Exhibitor Fee, less processing fees.
    • From July 1st, 2024 and after, no refunds will be provided.

    How are tables refunded?

    Tables are refunded to the payment method they are purchased with. Flame Con cannot and will not refund elsewhere. Please plan accordingly.

    How does the waitlist work?

    If for any reason you were unable to secure a table during the initial table launch, you can join the waitlist once normal table sales have sold out. Waitlisted individuals will be randomly awarded tables as they become available. You will be asked to provide timeframes that you’d like to be notified (up to 1 month from the convention date, up to 2 weeks from the convention, up to the day before the convention, etc.). Rest assured that these selections will not prioritize nor de-prioritize your selection elegibility.

    The only waitlist prioritization is for those who find themselves on the waitlist for successive years. If you wind-up on the waitlist 2 or more years in a row, you will receive table priority. If you receive a table or turn down a table, you will lose waitlist prioritization status for future events.

    Can I purchase more than 1 table?

    No you may not. Everyone may only secure 1 table. Anyone found purchasing multiple tables will have all purchased tables immediately cancelled and risk disinvitation to future events. Purchasing multiple tables could contribute to a secondary table market, which is strictly forbidden due to fairness and liability concerns.

    Can I transfer my table?

    No you may not. If for any reason you cannot attend Flame Con, your table will be offered to someone on our waitlist. Anyone found transferring tables will have the table immediately canceled and risk disinvitation to future events. Table transfers contribute to a secondary table market, which is strictly forbidden due to fairness and liability concerns.

    Can I trade table locations?

    No you may not. Changing your location at the convention is strictly prohibited. All communications and materials will have you listed at your approved space. Any other spaces are designated for the individuals who purchased them. Any mailed items will be directed to the approved space and nowhere else. In the event of emergency, Flame Con and the venue need to know which exhibtors are at which locations.

    Can I sell food at Flame Con?

    No you may not. While we fully believe you make exceptional treats, Flame Con is not equipped to facilitate food sellers. Since allergens and preparation standards cannot be assured, we unfortunately cannot accomodate those whose primary feature is foodstuffs/comestibles.

    Since exhibitors can’t sell food, does that apply to free candies/giveaways?

    This most likely doesn’t apply here. We understand free candy is a common crowd-draw for many exhibitors. This is likely still fine as long as it’s not home-made or non-FDA approved items. Please try to follow the spirit of the “no food selling” policy.

    What are table sizes?

    Standard tables for the event are 6 feet by 30 inches. Half tables would be half of a full table, 3 feet by 30 inches. Publisher tables are 8 feet of table space. You can plan to have about 3 feet of usable space behind your table. Please be considerate of neighbors and don’t take up space that isn’t yours.

    What other table space considerations are there?

    Items may never be kept in the aisles, and you may not change the footprint of your table (striking the table, turning it, moving it elsewhere, etc). Please be mindful of your display heights. Make sure all displays are secure and try not to go beyond a max of 8 feet high if possible. Nothing may be affixed to walls, pillars, railings, etc.

    How many passes will I receive?

    Half tables will recieve a single exhibitor pass. Full tables and community tables will receive 2 exhibitor passes. Premium tables will receive 4 exhibitor passes.

    How many people can be behind a table at a time?

    Half tables can only have a single person behind them at once. Full tables and community tables may have up to 2 people behind them at once. Premium tables may have up to 6 people behind them at once.

    What is lighting like at Flame Con?

    Flame Con takes place in a gorgeous and sprawling ballroom. While we love the ambiance, please be aware that this is not typical bright-white lighting. If you think your setup and table would benefit from extra lighting, please consider bringing fairy lights, battery-powered LEDs, etc.

    What are Flame Con table staffing expectations?

    You are expected to have your table in operation for the entirety of Flame Con floor hours. This of course has exceptions like breaks, meals, networking, panels, etc. The goal is that you do not abandon your table. Any exhibitor found abandoning their table may risk disinvitation to future events. You are welcome to secure table coverage from any trusted individual(s) at Flame Con, but remember that you assume all liability for your table operation.

    What are Community Tables?

    Community Tables are spaces designated for non-profit, outreach, public-health, education and/or charity-focused organiztions.

    Can I share my table?

    In many cases yes, you may share your table. Full and Premium tables can be shared.

    Full tables may be shared by two people/organizations. Premium tables may be shared by up to four people/organizations.

    Half tables and community tables may not be shared.

    Please keep in mind that all table sharing must be communicated to Flame Con staff as all Flame Con exhibitors need to sign an exhibitor contract. Opportunities to disclose table sharing will be provided during the application process, but if you have a full table or premium table and wish to share your table after-the-fact, please email exhibitors@flamecon.org.

    If I have a community table, what can I do with other people or organizations?

    Since the purpose of community tables is to offer resources and services to our con-goers, the primary focus is not about typical artist sales. So community tables may not be used to circumvent not getting a traditional exhibitor table. If your organization highlights or partners with other artists, that is fine. But you assume all rights and liabilities for those artists as extensions of your organiziation.

    Is there Wifi and electricity access?

    While there is usually satisfactory cell service at the venue, we understand that many exhibitors prefer Wifi access. The venue provides both Wifi and electrical access at an added cost. Exhibitors will work directly with the venue to secure these resources if desired. The Flame Con exhibitor team will provide communications on how to engage with the venue on these matters.

    Reservations at the hotel?

    The Sheraton usually provides discounted room rates for Flame Con. Check back here once hotel blocks for the event are announced.

    Will the venue allow us to mail packages/supplies ahead of time?

    The hotel’s storage is extremely limited, but there is some space for exhibitors to hold their materials. The Exhibitors Team will send the required shipping form to exhibitors in July. Any items shipped outside of the declared receiving period or kept after the event will not be held by the hotel. You risk your items being returned at your expense, or disposed of by the venue. Please be mindful and ship in time. We advise attempting delivery towards the earlier portion of the allowed timing window to account for potential delays. We also advise getting tracked shipment as Flame Con nor the venue are responsible for misplaced or undelivered items.

    Is there parking?

    Yes. The on-site parking garage is owned and operated by a separate entity form the convention venue, so rates may change. As of August 2023, parking is $40 for 1 hour, $45 for 2 hours, $55 for up to 10 hours, or $65/day. Be advised that the parking garage is not a loading dock. Any vehicle found idling or unloading there without being in their paid parking space will be asked to move immediately.

    Is there a loading dock?

    There is an on-site loading dock. If you require use of the loading dock, keep an eye out for communications from Flame Con staff. We will provide reservation slots for any exhibitor who requires use of the loading dock. As reservation slots are limited, they will be first-come-first-serve.

    Are you looking for volunteers?

    Yes! Flame Con is a completely volunteer-run convention organzied by people who believe in the show and we are always happy to add more! If you are interested in helping our team or learning more, feel free to reach out to: info@geeksout.org.

    I got an email about someone selling me the contact info of all the Flame Con Exhibitors. What is that?

    Rest assured that this is a phishing scam. Please do not click on or engage with these emails. We do not sell your contact info. In any industry, scam-bots pull data for conventions, cross-reference data-points of demographics, and send automated emails to personas that match. It is surprisingly sophisticated, but a scam nonetheless. You can safely delete any such email.


    Where can I purchase an exhibitor table for Flame Con 2024?

    Table sales for Flame Con 2024 are currently closed. You are however welcome to join the waitlist via this link





    Any further questions, comments or concerns can be sent to exhibitors@flamecon.org.