Cosplay FAQ

What are the rules of entry for the cosplay contest?

Instructions for entry will be posted online before the contest proper- Please make sure you know when and where lining up for the contest begins. If you are selected as a winner, you will need to stay after the end of the competition to provide Flame Con staff with your information.

Who are the cosplay contest judges?

This is still being determined. Check back later for updates!

What are the prizes awarded to cosplay contest winners?

This is also still being determined. Check back later for updates!

Can Featured Cosplayers participate in the Cosplay Contest?

If you apply and are selected as a Featured Cosplayer, you may not participate in the Cosplay Contest as a contestant. If you apply and were not selected, you are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the Cosplay Contest.

Do I still have to wear my mask when taking photos of my cosplay?

If you are within the Flame Con venue, then yes. This includes taking photos in front of the step & repeat, with other guests, and during the cosplay contest. You are more than welcome to accessorize your mask to match your cosplay!


Does the Cosplay Corner accept donations of materials or supplies?

We do not, but thank you for offering!


Are repairs at the Cosplay Corner free?

They are!


What supplies are available for cosplayers in need of repairs at the Cosplay Corner?

We offer a range of supplies and services! Some of our materials, like the sewing machine or super glue, can only be used by a Flame Con Staff Member, but we are more than happy to help. Other materials, like hot glue guns, needle and thread, blow dryers, hairspray, bobby pins, and tape, are available for you to use at the corner under Flame Con Staff supervision. Please do not leave the corner with any of our repairing materials- You can always come back if you need a touch up!