Props Policy

Flame Con is asking you to leave your toy guns at home.

Guns are not accessories that can be flaunted in public without inherently making light of their intended use, while simultaneously making many people deeply uncomfortable. If you bring a toy gun to Flame Con, no matter how unrealistic it might look or feel, you will be asked to check it. So to prevent any concerns for other attendees regarding possible exposure to weapons we ask that they not be part of your presence at our convention. 

Can you do a successful cosplay of Black Widow or Vash the Stampede without a gun? We think you can! Remember the weapons don’t make the character come to life… You do!

Your cosplay at Flame Con will help our community make a strong, colorful statement against gun violence, and our culture’s toxic love of firearms.

Spread the word! Flame Con will not allow the following items:

  • Any weapon of any kind—bladed or projectile—that looks real.
  • Any kind of gun or simulacrum of a firearm, no matter how fake it looks.

When crafting your props, keep it light and keep it safe. You can do a lot with foam!

At Geeks OUT, we are committed to creating spaces that are safe—both physically and emotionally.

Join us in making Flame Con a place where we can all enjoy ourselves!