Exhibitors FAQ

In-person Flame Con is on! We’re back at the Sheraton Times Square August 20-21, 2022.

Exhibitor FAQ

What are the dates?

This year’s FlameCon will be held on Saturday, August 20th and Sunday, August 21st at The Sheraton, Times Square, NY.

When can exhibitors check in/set up?

Exhibitor load in will be 8am-11:30am on Saturday, August 20th. Break down will be Sunday, August 21st from 6pm-7pm.

What should we expect?

FlameCon will (hopefully) run as it always has, albeit with some tweaks to the convention’s physical layout, as well as safety guidelines that correspond with the most up to date regulations.

How will the new rules affect tabling?

Normally, we host apx. 300 exhibitors within the two adjacent ballrooms. With refunds, we have had a reduction in head count. This has given us the opportunity to tweak our tabling layout in order to provide more breathing room, for both exhibitors and guests. Overall space has been increased to provide 12 foot walkways (up from 8ft in the previous years), as well as create more space between the exhibitors themselves (currently around 6 feet back to back).

Can we request locations in proximity to other exhibitors?

In 2020, exhibitors were able to select their location during the table sales process. We will do our best to match that location with our new floor map but can not make any promises.

Will table sales open up again?

As of now, the answer is most likely yes but only for a very small number of tables.
Once we look at the number of exhibitors left after the deadline for refunds, we will determine whether or not we will open up table sales. A waitlist has already been created, which has gained heavy interest. Anyone interested can add their names to. If you know someone who is interested in being put on the waitlist, they can go here.

Can I move my table to next year?

Unfortunately, no, but we will refund you for the table. Fill out this form if you would like a refund.

What if I want a refund on my table?

Just fill out this form, and we will make sure it is taken care of. We’re sad that we won’t be able to see you this year but hope that we’ll be able to in the future.

When is the deadline for table refunds?

Refund deadlines are as follows:
Before April 30: 100% refund
Before May 1st – June 30th: 50% refund
after July 1st: no refunds

Is there Wifi/power access?

Wifi is available through the hotel for a charge of $100 per connection. We have not had any complaints about cell service during the previous shows but if it is something that you would want to have on hand then let us know. The exhibitor space is within a ballroom, rather than an actual convention center/space. It is a large, carpeted room with no outlets laid into its floors. Exhibitors should plan ahead with additional power banks to adhere to their tech needs. If exhibitors have accessibility needs that require access to power, please email exhibitors@flamecon.org.

Will there still be a digital element to FlameCon?

We are currently weighing options for a digital element, but what that will look like is still to be determined. We are hoping to at least have some of the workshops live-streamed, depending on effectiveness of tech connectivity at the hotel.

When will registration for 2023 begin? Do this year’s exhibitors hold priority?

After a much needed post-event respite, we will begin the planning stages of FlameCon 2023. Date announcement and table sales will likely go online this fall. We try to keep a fair ratio of returning/new exhibitors. We love and appreciate those who have been with us for years, and do our best to accommodate increasing demand from those who have not exhibited at Flame Con before.

Will there be an exhibitor meet up?

2019’s FlameCon included an exhibitor breakfast on the Sunday morning before convention start. We are still in talks about what might be included in this year’s programming exclusively for exhibitors.


The best way to stay up to date on the most recent rules and guidelines for COVID and Flame Con 2022 is to go here: https://www.flamecon.org/covid-19/


Reservations at the hotel?

The Sheraton has provided us with a block of rooms for FlameCon guests at a discounted rate of $180 per night. While other accommodations can certainly be made, this is a decent price, given the area of Times Square. And we know it can be much less strain having the ease of a nearby room. You can sign up for your room here! We recommend that you sign up sooner rather than later to guarantee yourself the FC rate.

Will the hotel allow us to mail packages ahead of time?

The hotel’s storage is extremely limited, but there is some space for exhibitors to hold their materials. The Exhibitors Team will send the required shipping form to exhibitors in July. Any items shipped outside of the declared receiving period will not be held by the hotel, and may be returned at the expense of the exhibitor.

Is there parking?

There is a parking lot beneath the hotel, but it is, however, owned by a completely different company. Therefore, the hotel cannot offer any rates for the service, as it is out of their control.


Are you looking for volunteers?

Yes! Flame Con is a completely volunteer-run convention done by people who believe in the show and we are always happy to add more! It was mentioned earlier but the exhibitor team is made up of just about two volunteers and we have other areas that could always use help. If you are interested in helping our or learning more, feel free to reach out to: info@geeksout.org.

Any further questions, comments or concerns can be sent to exhibitors@flamecon.org.

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