GeishaVi is a multi-award-winning Cosplay veteran, Professional Plus Model, Cosmetologist, Costume Designer and Entertainer in New York City. She’s performed and modeled in cosplay and alternative fashion for over 15 years. She’s been a cosplay guest for multiple conventions here in the United States and Alberta, Canada. An active body positive, LGBTQPIA+, diversity, anti-harassment activist. GeishaVi has spoken at many panels across North America on how people can come together and be a supportive influence in their communities. She is very passionate about helping others overcome their fears and insecurities so they too can enjoy life! She also enjoys networking with people, while sharing her love of fashion, music, cats and anime!

Bear Sailor Moon

He’s big, he’s hairy, and he’s here to right wrongs and triumph over evil! He’s Bear Sailor Moon!

Bear Sailor Moon is making his first US convention appearance at flamecon and he’s is excited to meet his US Cub Scouts.

Bear Sailor Moon is a Toronto based cosplayer who has received international attention for his portrayal of the iconic character. His iconic take on the classic anime has gained him various awards including Best in Show at Fanexpo. Bear Sailor Moon spreads a message of love and body positivity by letting everyone’s starseed shine bright!

Join him on Sunday for Bear Sailor Moon’s Lipsync extravaganza and event that you won’t want to miss out on!

Sara Spookystitch

Sara Spookystitch is a queer nerd who has been cosplaying for 14 years and is now a professional theatrical costume technician. Specializing in corsets and menswear, she loves to play with structure and silhouette in costumes for dramatic effect. She is also a costumed volunteer and board member of Costumers for a Cause, a Minnesota based nonprofit that brings costuming to kids.

Princess Chris

Chris is thrilled to be returning for his second year as a Cosplay Guest for FlameCon! He has made his mark in the New York cosplay community for his unique male interpretations of Disney Princesses, Sailor Moon characters, pop icons, and other heroines. His work can be seen published in the likes of Daily Mail, Pop Insider, New York Times, The Revelist as well as the web series Cosplayers Getting Coffee.


NekoNami is a 24 year old bisexual cis female cosplayer from New Jersey who has been cosplaying since 2009. Her favorite past cosplays include Nui Harime, Symmetra, Nadia Satrinava, Ellaria Sand, Jester Lavore, and Mermista. She is thrilled to be at FlameCon and is excited to talk costume projects with the LGBTQIA+ cosplay community!

Laurabel Cosplay

Laurabel Cosplay is a queer couple cosplay team based in Toronto. Lauren and Annabel have been cosplaying for more than a decade individually and six years together as a couple. While finding queer characters to cosplay together can be tricky, Lauren and Annabel are committed to bringing visibility to queer media and queer representation through cosplay. They also develop content for conventions and Youtube with a focus on queer representation in cosplay and media.


From wizards to princesses, to superheroes and figure skaters, Java has spent the last decade or so bringing their favorite characters to life through cosplay, even taking home a craftmanship award or two along the way. In addition to being a cosplay guest at last year’s FlameCon, Java has also been a panelist and can be seen on the stage as a regular participant in Anime Boston’s yearly cosplay game events. They have been in this hobby for a long, long time and would be happy to share any knowledge or advice to anyone seeking it.

Atelier Abene

Alex and Juli Abene are identical twins, queer, and costume designers! The Abene twins have both been attending anime, comic and video game conventions and cosplaying since 2001. With 18 years of costuming experience under their belts, they run their own theatrical costume design company as “Atelier Abene”. The two work as designers for the largest off broadway show in NYC, Punchdrunk’s “Sleep No More”. Alex and Juli are excited to show Flamecon-goers that anyone can get into costuming and what a rewarding hobby (and job!) it can be!

Casted Cosplay

Rebecca (AKA Casted Cosplay) is a NYC-based British cosplayer. Since making the jump from overzealous themed party costumes in 2013 she has portrayed a wide variety of both male and female characters in genres from Disney to gaming. Before cosplay, she spent time as a wardrobe manager for amateur theatre – with no sewing machine! When not hot gluing or seam-ripping, Rebecca works as a clinic researcher… which probably explains some of the crazy detail-oriented decisions (like individually applying hundreds of rhinetones…)!


KnightArcana (Al Gardner) is an NYC-based cosplayer, gamer, and streamer with over 10 years of self-taught sewing and crafting experience. Inspired by cosplay as a performance art, Al uses their passion for detail and craftsmanship to replicate outfits with precision and bring their favorite anime, manga, and video game characters (and sometimes characters and designs of their own) to life. They also seek to combine their love of gaming and cosplay on a daily basis by producing live-streamed content on Twitch that engages discussion and celebrates craftsmanship, community, and a mutual love of all things nerdy. When not engaged in any of the above, you can expect to find them playing tabletop RPGs (like Dungeons & Dragons), eating pastries, belting tunes at karaoke, and taking care of their single feline resident — His Royal Highness “Beans,” the Legume Prince — with their partner, Van, in Brooklyn.