Posted on Jun 16, 2015 in General

We all kind of knew it was going to be amazing, right?

You don’t get a little group of volunteers to work so hard piecing together an event like Flame Con without being pretty sure you are on to something great. That said, Flame Con exceeded all of our expectations. The sheer volume of creativity and positivity coming together at the Grand Prospect Hall was staggering. With over 2200 attendees, it was one of the biggest events of its kind. Fans got to meet some of their favorite LGBTQ pop culture personalities who rarely get top billing, creators got to share their work with people who really understand what they’re about, vendors reported better sales in our 6-hour con than what they take from a day at New York Comic Con (the largest Comic Con in the U.S.), and performers got to rock the house in the most outrageous variety show we’ve ever put together. What a day!

Now that the flames have died down, we are beginning to think about next year. Things certainly weren’t perfect. Putting on an event in an historic venue like the GPH was a challenge, and having never done this before, we definitely learned a lot. We are listening to everyone’s feedback and taking comments to heart so that Year Two will be even bigger and better.

We owe a huge thanks to everyone who supported, promoted and believed in Flame Con. To see an entire community of people manifest on an unprecedented scale is an incredible feeling. We couldn’t be more stoked.


Flame Con 2015