Sunday Schedule

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Room B Queercopia

Queer comics showcase hosted by John Jennison

Room C Help! How Do I Write a Transgender or Non-Binary Character?

Naomi Reubin, Lawrence Gullo, Fyodor Pavlov, Morgan Boecher, Thea Walther

Signing Alison Cherry & Bil Wright

At the Books of Wonder Table


Room A Supergirl’s Not Black

Tony Ray, Harley Lovegood, Jay Justice, Isake Smith, Brandon the Shapeshifter, Cleopatra Acquaye-Reynolds

Room B Breaking the Rules of Teen Lit

Laurent Linn, Bil Wright, Alison Cherry, Michael Barakiva

Room C Grrls in Tanks Getting Coffee

Terra McVoy, Mags Visaggio, Sophie Campbel, June Kim, K. Perkins

Stage Let’s Collaborate! Networking Mixer

Misha D. Nova, Natasha Lau, Becky Bacheller

Signing Cecil Baldwin

At the Books of Wonder Table


Room A Geek Activism

Janelle Asselin, Jackson Bird, Elana Levin, Nicole Guitau

Room B Pride and the X-Men

Chris Claremont, Phil Jimenez, Tana Ford, Josh Siegel

Room C Worlds Better than Our Own

Alex London, Steve Orlando, Soman Chainani, Donna Minkowitz, Aria Baci

Stage Choirfly

NYC’s premier nerd-themed a cappella group

Signing Laurent Linn & Terra Elan Mcvoy

At the books of wonder table


Room A Queer Fandoms that Bridge Generations

Nayland Blake, Matthew Waterhouse, Mags Visaggio, Laura Antoniou, Cecilia Tan

Room B Fantastic Queers and Where To Find Them

Nicole Brinkley, James Tynion IV, Zoraida Cordova, Sarah McCarry, Jennie Wood, Justina Ireland

Room C Arrival Film Screening

Alex Myung, Amy Benaroya, Cody Uhler, Ross Wariner

Stage Cosplay Contest

To participate, meet at 2:45 in the Cosplay Corner

Workshop Portfolio Review

With art director Laurent Linn

Signing Alex London & Soman Chainani

At the books of wonder table


Room B Heroes on TV: Do I See Me?

Jill Pantozzi, Heather Hogan, Suzana Polo, Krutika Mallikarjuna, Joey Stern

Room C Or So the Story Goes Webseries

Chris Christiana, Diann Gogerty, Heather Girardi, Josh Zelliott Pickel

Stage The Astonishing Adventures of All American Girl & The Scarlet Skunk

Live reading with Charles Battersby and a full cast

Signing Michael Barakiva & Donna Minkowitz

At the books of wonder table