PRIDE and the X-Men

PRIDE and the X-Men

In the 80s – a time before any mainstream superheroes were out of the closet – queer comics fans were drawn to The X-Men. Their avant-garde looks. Their fight for equality in the face of ignorance and hatred. Their diverse found-family. It all resonated powerfully with LGBT readers and was crucial reading material for several generations of queer geeks, despite having few explicitly queer characters.

Join us as we talk about The X-Men and what went into making such a comic with legendary scribe Chris Claremont who wrote Uncanny X-Men for 17 years!


Chris Claremont
Uncanny X-Men

Phil Jimenez
Superwoman, New X-Men, Wonder Woman

Tana Ford
Silk, Duck!

Josh Siegel
Geeks OUT, modHERO