Thank you for your interest. Applications are now closed

Applications Closed 5/31/2019

When is the deadline to submit a panel?

Panel applications will close at 11:59 PM (eastern) on Friday, May 31st.

Do I have to participate/run a panel I submit?

No. You may submit an idea you would like to see Flame Con host, and indicate that you need a moderator and/or panelists. Our dedicated panels team will help find folks to participate if your panel is chosen.

How are panels chosen?

All panel submissions will be reviewed by our panels team and we will choose the submissions that best meet Flame Con’s mission and values. We strive to bring you the best queer focused programming possible each year, and look for unique, entertaining, and impactful topics to host.

Do I get a pass to Flame Con if I'm on a panel?

Yes. If you have not already been provided a con pass from another source (eg: special guest, vendor, etc) all panelists will receive a weekend pass to Flame Con. This is non-transferable and may only be used by the panelist.

Are panels accessible for panelists and attendees?

We strive to make panels at Flame Con as accessible as we can. Designated seating is available in each panel for attendees. And stage access where possible for our presenters. Please see our Accessibility policy for further information. or email with any questions.

Do I get paid/hotel/flight/vendor table for being on a panel?

No. Currently Flame Con does not offer monetary compensation, lodging, travel or vendor table reimbursement for participating on panels.