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Virtual Schedule

12:00 PM EST – Opening Ceremony & Kweendom Comedy

Opening statement from Nic Gitau, President of Geeks OUT & Teri Yoshiuchi, Vice President of Geeks OUT
Followed by a performance from Kweendom Comedy
Kweendom Performers: Bobby Hankinson, Gabe Gonzalez, Veronica Garza, Calvin Cato, Jaye McBride, Sarah Kennedy and Dash Kwiatkowski
produced by: Bobby Hankinson (he/him)

1:00 PM EST – Spotlight on Creators of Queer Kids Comics

Queer comics are everywhere today – and especially on the bookshelves of kids and teens! More than ever, kids and teens are able to see themselves, and their identities, reflected in the graphic novels they read. Join four creators of queer comics in a discussion about their inspirations, their work, and what’s next for queer kids comics.
Panelists: Mike Curato, “Flamer”; Kat Leyh, “Snapdragon”; Trung Le Nguyen, “The Magic Fish”; Jessi Zabarsky, “Witchlight”
Moderator: Gina Gagliano, (she/her) Random House Graphic

2:00 PM EST – “There Can Only Be One”: Marginalized Creatorship and Working in Multiple Mediums

As marginalized creators, we can often feel pressure to stay in our niche; that once you get good at your work you cannot and should not deviate from it. We’ve all heard of the idea that “there is only enough room for one”, that too many diverse voices in too many rooms would be alienating. Luckily for us, this isn’t true! Now more ever thanks to social media and the internet, creators have the tools to succeed in multiple mediums, in many genres. How can we do this- and why do we still feel held back by the idea of “there can only be one”? My panel will delve deep into this idea, asking creators in all kinds of nerdy media how and why they’ve branched out from their initial path, and why it’s valuable for other marginalized, queer creators to do so! FlameCon is unique in bringing together a diverse audience of fans and creators working not just in comics, but in games, literature, and film, and this panel is an opportunity to embrace and discuss creators with wide-spanning career paths.
Panelists: Son M (she/they); Kate Dollarhyde (she/her); Zaire Lanier (she/her)
Moderator: Emmett Nahil (he/him)

3:00 PM EST – How to Make Things Fancy – a workshop

Do you love sparkle? Glitter? Pizazz?! We’re adding a little extra pixie dust where it counts- Our costumes! From making an extra-high collar to adding rhinestone trim, Rachel will walk you through tips and tricks to add some Extra to your costume, with a capital E. This workshop is friendly to all budgets- Fabulous is achievable at any price point!”
Moderator: Rachel Greeman (she/hers)

4:00 PM EST – Reclaiming My (Oo)Time: Navigating the Intersections of Mental Health and Gaming

When the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic led to folks staying at home, there was distress at the lack of in person socialization. As gamers, we felt that loss, and utilized online platforms to keep us connected. What many did not expect was a challenge to what sustainability looks like for them; as screen exhaustion develops, people face increased economic hardship, and threats to human rights are escalating, there is intensified grief for individuals and our community. This panel will encompass various conversations; how gaming continues to be a retreat for some, how folks find themselves gaming less and what they have learned, and where gaming has been used to respond to our mental health struggles in ways we haven’t before.
Panelists: Mel Cone (they/them); Jay Justice (she/her); K Richardson (he/they)
Moderator: Kiara Montero-Reyes (she/her)

5:00 PM EST – Paper-Yay! – a workshop

Remember when a costume was as easy as making a suit ? It can be again! Paper is one of the cheapest, most plentiful, and safest materials to use to make props! Tea will show you how to use a couple of different cool techniques– papier maché and paperclay– to make different parts of your costumes, from jewelry and crowns to wings and weaponry!
Moderator: Tea Berry-Blue (she/them)

6:00 PM EST – Streaming as a Hobby or Career

A lot of people think Streaming is easy, you just turn on the console, PC, get a cam and go! We’ll have a real, maybe difficult to hear convo on what actually goes into streaming whether or not you consider it a serious hobby or want to make a career out of it.
Panelists: Vanessa Brasfield (she/her); Brian Gray (he/him); GenericNerd (he/him); Omega Jones (he/him); Kandi Williams (she/her)
Moderator: Tanya DePass (she/her)

7:00 PM EST – Comics & Advocacy: Using Your Passion to Empower Your Community

As both a comic book fan and professional, before establishing WinC, I didn’t realize how important it was to be a part of a community. It was probably because I was always somehow a part of one and didn’t realize it. Once creating WinC, I think all the members realized it was special. We really were just trying to make it through this crazy industry without feeling alone. But it became more than that. Through our work to empower ourselves, we empowered the greater community throughout the years, by teaching others how to use the medium of comics as both literacy and advocacy tools. The members are examples of people who were very passionate about their work and equally as passionate about using this medium to help empower their community through educational and career accessibility. This panel will not only discuss how comics can be used as advocacy tools, but how any career can be used as a basis for community organization and galvanization.
Panelists: Che Grayson, She/Her; Vita Ayala, They/Them; Greg Anderson Elysée, He/Him; James Seetal, They, Them; Diamond Stylz, She/Her; Camilla Zhang, She/Her
Moderator: Regine Sawyer, She/Her

8:00 PM EST – Flame Con: Open Flame After Party: Fire Escape

This year the Fire Ball, Flame Con’s official after party goes virtual with THE FIRE ESCAPE! Stay at home and stay safe while enjoying clips from some of your favorite performances of the past five years of Flame Con! We will be joined by amazing guest performers with new acts “pre-recorded” from drag queens’ bedrooms! 

We are excited to have new numbers from Petra Fried, D’Hoops & Glittystarlet, Joe Mama, and Misster! This variety show will also feature special guest appearances still to be