The Map of Flame Con

Flame Con has a lot of special locations to explore. you can learn about them all here:

Exhibitor Hall    •    Books of Wonder    •    Meet & Pose Area    •    AFK Lounge    •    Gaymer Lounge    •    Information    •    SparQ Fund    •    Cosplay Corner    •    Stage    •    Panel Rooms    •    Workshop Rooms




Exhibitor Hall

This is the largest section of Flame Con. We have over 200 exhibitors with us this year, and you can learn all about them HERE


Books of Wonder

Meet some of Flame Con’s special guest creators. See the schedule at the table for details.

Hosted By:

Books of Wonder

Books of Wonder stocks the newest titles from the best authors and artists in the field, as well as beloved classics that generations have grown up with. We have a large selection of old, rare, and collectible children’s books plus a gallery displaying original art and graphics from the vibrant world of children’s books. We host weekly storytimes and numerous author and artist events each week. With a staff of helpful and informed booksellers ready and eager to assist you and your children, we hope you’ll visit us soon at the store or online.


Meet & Pose Area

Strike a pose in front of the Flame Con step-and-repeat. Get your photo op and autograph with celebrity guests, including Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor. See the schedule for details.

Robin Lord Taylor


AFK Lounge

Take a little break, relax, and collect yourself in this quiet space.


Gaymer Lounge

Play your favorite video and tabletop games this gaming oasis. Take part in tournaments, meet-ups, and new game demos.

This is also where the offcial Flame Con Game, The Exhibition Expedition, will be run from. Attendees who choose to participate will be tasked with different objectives, all in the hopes of winning a valuable prize pack of pure geekery at the end of each day.

Hosted By:

NYC Gaymers

An all inclusive gamer community for the LGBTQIA+ community in the New York City area.


ShenanigansNY is the go to service for board and card game events. We have a diverse library of nostalgic and contemporary games that any level of tabletop player would enjoy. The ShenanigansNY team is always excited to guide players to new games and can even teach players how to play. You can learn more about us and future events at our site So come by, grab a seat and have some fun!



Ask any and all questions about Flame Con and Geeks OUT!



The SparQ Fund’s mission is to create the most accessible Flame Con possible. Donations to the SparQ Fund help Geeks OUT make improvements to accessibility at Flame Con, which will make our queer space more vibrant for everyone.

In Partnership With:

Books of Wonder

Hiveworks Comics is a creator-owned comics and graphic novel publisher focused on free to read webcomics. An internet company as well as a publisher, Hiveworks works to develop tools and resources for the webcomic industry. Hive operates its own internal advertising network, optimized to share readership across many comics and use the existing lineup of comics’ millions of readers to support creators. Additionally, Hive helps fund and develop Erin Burt’s proprietary ComicControl CMS – a once-exclusive and soon to be open and free publishing system for webcomic creators.


Cosplay Corner

Learn cosplay tips, repair your costume, and take part in scheduled cosplay demonstrations.



Enjoy geeky performances and interactive events during Flame Con. See the schedule for details.


Panel Rooms

Come see famous queer artists, celebrities, icons, activists and allies discuss any number of queer topics. See the schedule for details.


Workshop Rooms

Get hands on instruction and critiques from industry pros on how to grow your own craft. See the schedule for details.