Let's Collaborate! (Networking Mixer)

Let’s Collaborate! (Networking Mixer)

Let’s Collaborate! Facilitated Networking & Matchmaking

If you find networking exhausting, difficult, time-consuming, or just plain awkward, this is the session for you! We’ll help you connect with other creatives from the queer community and/or driven to bring more queer-themed content into the world.

This session is open to everyone in our indie creative ecosystem, including writers seeking artists and vice versa, comic creators seeking help, anthology editors, publishers, collectives, bloggers, mentors, comic business service providers, innovators with fresh ideas, and supporters who want to go the extra step for exciting work and projects. Looking to collaborate on a comic? Want to build a team for an anthology? Did you just miss making the right connections at that packed panel? Join us!

All attendees will fill out a brief form on what they’re looking for and what they have to offer. We’ll help you skip the small talk and find collaborators through facilitated mini connection sessions. Fill out your form in advance at the Subversion Titles booth to get ahead!

But wait… there’s more! If you find yourself overflowing with opportunties at the con, we’ll help you even after the weekend is over. Submit your form and we’ll follow up with you via email with customized matches who we recommend, including information on paid offers (we’ve got your back, artists). You can then choose who you’d like to contact.

Tweet advance questions about networking at Flamecon to @starryamory.


Misha D. Nova

Natasha Lau

Becky Bacheller