Jenny Owen Youngs

Jenny Owen Youngs

Singer, songwriter, and Buffering the Vampire Slayer co-host Jenny Owen Youngs grew up in the forests of northern New Jersey and is now based in Los Angeles. After self-releasing her first album Batten the Hatches in 2005, she went on to put out two albums and three EPs through the Canadian indie label Nettwerk Records. Youngs has since self-released her album AN UNWAVERING BAND OF LIGHT in 2012, a serial song project called EXHIBIT in which each composition is directly inspired by a specific work of art in 2013, and her Slack Tide EP in 2015. Youngs has toured extensively in the US and Europe, headlining and also supporting artists such as Regina Spektor, Against Me!, Frank Turner, Motion City Soundtrack, and Aimee Mann. Her songs have been heard on Weeds, Nurse Jackie, Suburgatory, and Switched at Birth. Today, Youngs spends much of her time writing with and for other artists in Los Angeles and working on her next record in addition to her Buffering co-hosting duties.

Recently, Youngs has put her songwriting prowess to deeply important work writing countless Buffy-themed songs and jingles with her Buffering co-host and wife, Kristin Russo. Together, they have released two albums of Buffy episode-recap songs in addition to a number of ringtone jingles dedicated to some of Buffy’s most beloved characters.

Youngs will join the FlameCon Camp Fire lineup to woo Buffy, Angel, Spike, and Cordelia enthusiasts alike with some of Buffering’s favorite episode recap song selections (and maybe even some non-Buffy-themed songs she’s written, if things get wild). Co-host Russo will guest star as a giant insect and dabble in glockenspiel on select numbers. This performance follows the podcast team’s special FlameCon live taping event at 7pm on Saturday, August 19

In November of 2017, Crimson will be a featured headliner at the 2017 Austin International Drag Festival in Austin.