Convention Map

GAYMER LOUNGE – The gaymer lounge is a gaming oasis at Flame Con. NYC Gaymers is providing video games, tabletop games, card games and board games for attendees to use. You can also take part in tournaments, meetups, and demonstrations of new games.

INFORMATION – Here is where you can get your questions answered about Flame Con and Geeks OUT.

AFK LOUNGE – Take a little break, relax, and collect yourself in this quiet space.

PANEL ROOMS – Come see famous queer artists, celebrities, icons, activists and allies discuss any number of queer topics.  See the schedule (to come) for details.

WORKSHOP ROOMS – Get hands on instruction and critiques from industry pros on how to grow your own craft. See the schedule (to come) for details.

Exhibitor Map

COSPLAY CORNER – This is a station to learn cosplay tips, help touch up and repair your cosplay, and take part in cosplay demonstrations. Stop by during the convention and keep an eye on the online programming guide for a schedule of events.

SIGNINGS & SELFIES – Our signing station is where some special guests and writers will be signing their works. Check in here to find out specific appearances and times. This is also where you can find the Flame Con step-and-repeat for photo-ops.

Exhibitor Listing:

@allofthenorth H58

@drawn2luv I75

/ autodrive J84

& the Banjees Comics Q153

1SSA U188

3:05 AM Collaborations D27

A&V ART Pub 4

Acharius.EXE V203

acidbeaker K90

Adam DeKraker K96

Agent Wednesday I73

Aimee Fleck O133

Alexander Quinn O130

Alexis Moore L103

Alison Wilgus U193

Alyssa Maynard L99

Andi Santagata V197

Angeli Rafer Art Pub 6

Annie Stoll D22

Anyone Comics Pub 29

Archie Bongiovanni G48

Arielle Jovellanos M108

Ark Revner Q153

Arledge Comics Pub 16

Asios G52

Astonishing Queer Tales R164

AtlasNir E39

Baysalt O135

Beau Pirrone K95

BeccaBeeArts S174

Ben Kahn D26

Bianca Xunise U191

Bill Roundy D22

Bit Happens F44

Bittersweet Galaxy M107

Bittersweet Galaxy M107

Bittersweet Pop G50

Black Birds Deculture S175

Blick Art Materials Pub 23

Blue Delliquanti O135

blulious G52

Bum Lung T182

By Cari U191

Cait May Illustration Pub 5

Cannibal Coalition L106

Carey Pietsch O133

Cat Parra P138

Catuallie N121

Chad Sell H63

Chai and Fawn B10

cham I70

Chocolate Nation Studios S176

Christina "Steenz" Stewart A5

Chubby Tanuki Comics S169

Claire Zhang M111

Clare DeZutti E32

Color a Queen by Fredy Ralda U187

Compass Rose Studios E40


Craig Hurd-McKenney (Headless Shakespeare Press) J79

Crystal Frasier B14

Dakota Jones P142

Dale Lazarov / Sticky Graphic Novels Pub 22

Dana Simpson D24

Daniel Stalter D27

Danielle Weires N121

David Flanagan J85

Dbl Feature I76

Dearhunters Art P141

Deckitiut F46

Dillen Danger! T186

Dirty Diamonds (Kelly Phillips & Claire Folkman) J86

Dizzy Koi Q155

DJ Kirkland E36

Doable Guys M113

Drumfish Productions Pub 19

E.K. Weaver O136

Ed Luce G56

Eli Benik T185

emiett D29

Emily Cheeseman A2

Emily K N119

Emily Lubanko V198

Emmett Nahil K95

Emmett Shearer P143

Enjouji U189

erin kipps E37

Erin Roseberry Q149

Ethan M. Aldridge K91

Fabrice Sapolsky V202

Faerieko L97

Fox Estacado Arts C19

Fox Flight Studio Pub 25

Frandrawing R159

Fyodor Pavlov F41

Gaby Epstein D29

gawki F45

GaymerX B13

Geek Girls Like Us K87

geeknami J78

GentleMoonBell Gently Made Plush M109

geothebio Q149

Gibberfish Draws I70

Gifted Sounds Network Pub 26

glazedbagel P143


Go Robo Now! T181

Goellnerd Pins O131

Greg Fox U190

HamletMachine V199

Hanna Schroy B9

Happening Inside H64

Haruka Illustration Pub 12

Heads or Tails Q148

Hiroki Otsuka N122

Hive Works Pub 9-11

Holly Foltz Comics J77

horreurscopes I68

I Am Hexed U196

iBrodsy I71

Imas Esther P137

Imperial Comics and Gifts N118

in this house we love and appreciate vane granblue N126

Indira Jainanan Pub 3

Inked Creates F42

Iron Circus Pub 15

Iza3D P142

izzaki & los chinkoquetos R160

J Yang Q156

J. Caress Studio M114

J.Z. Castillo S167

Jakface M112

Jayme Brodie P141

Jen Bartel G49

Jen Hickman L104

Jennie Wood L98

Jennifer Dugan C16

Jenovasilver R163

Jeromy Velasco Illustration G54

Jessie VanGyzen J85

Jiji Knight T177

Jim Smith Art V206

Joseph Giampietro B8

Josh Trujillo J83

Joven Tolentino T179

JR Poklemba S172

Julia Reck G51

Jupiter Schultz I69

Justm3hart U193

Karlen Tam R158

Kate Bresnahan L99

Kate Glasheen A1

Kate Leth K92

Kate Sheridan A2

Kaylee Rowena E31

Kendra & Kat V200

Kerin Cunningham K89

Kevin Jay Stanton P146

Kevo Risse — Kid Riot Comics R162

Kirouji O128

kite D23


Krys Loh Q150

KuroKage S171

Kurozawa Shiro F43

Lake Fairy Creations O127

Lauren Dombrowski E31

Lauren Moran B11

Leandrawwz O130

Let Me Be Frank L102

Li Stefan Reina R165

Liam Donnelly D25

Lily Pfaff V203

Lizlykoi V197

Luciano Vecchio U195

Lucky Pocket Press J80

Lucky Sanford M115

LuckyBlackCatXIII T186


Magdalene Visaggio L101

Magical Boy Basil D28

mapurl T182

Mara Jayne Carpenter H61

Maria Nguyen G51

Marta Mickelsen G47

Masami Kiyono C20

Masha Zhdanova E38

Matt Becker Art J82

Mauleo Pub 14

MeepuDraws R164

Meg @ Sacredmonster Shop Q150

Megan James I69

Megan Rose Gedris E38

Melanie Gillman O134

melonami S174

Melonsquare Studios S168

Meredith Studio J79

MicahDraws R166

Michelle Gish A3

Michelle Peluso Illustration Q151

michi / chrysanthemum skies B7

milkychai B10

Minor league Tattoo G54

Mintandapple M109

Mischief Corner Books Pub 20

Miss Jamie Kaye O136

Mittie Paul V201

Mizfit Treehouse K94

Mono-Owl Q155

Morningwitch Studio Q154

Mx. Jude Vigants J77

Nariko.Lily R157

Ngozi Draws Productions Pub 27

Nicole Fieger D25

Night Owl Designs Pub 13

NikaComics C18

Odera K93

onesmolhurt N123

Organized Havoc Pub 28

Paper Cat Studios Pub 2

Patabot E33

PixelWayve Studios C15

Plump Bundt T184

Pock Was Here L106

poorlyformed A4

Prince Peacock G55

Prism&Lace U194

punimelt E35

Quailtea Goods B12

Queer’s The Thing, L105

Queers & Comics P144

quinn milton T178

Rachel Cholst I73

Rage Gear Studios Pub 24

Ray Nadine I71

Relemenopy Pub 7

Roamin‘ Bison Workshop B12

Robin Scott T183

Rocket’s Stuff H59

Rosieramen Q147

Rudolph murasaki S172

rvssia C17

Ryan King U188

sabaillustration H60

Sakibatch N123

Salty sea witch G50

Sam Neukirch H60

Sam Schechter A3

Sammich Scribbles H62

Sammy Newman R157

Sapphic Supper D21

Sara McSorley K88

Sarah Stern D30

Scott Bratek M115

Sebastian Whoa! F42

Serafín B7

Sew-it-All Creations I72

Ship Jumper M113

Shout Out / Andrew Wheeler H58

Silver Sprocket Pub 17

Simon Graves V205

Sinistersquids Pub 8

Sinsin’s Art Stuff H62

sleepscribbles art O128

snottle S176

soaporsalad Q147

Sonia Liao E32

Sparkler Monthly O129

Spaz Out Loud C20

Spratty Lin N119

Springroove M116

Stargazey Pie P139

Steve MacIsaac (Shirtlifter) V201

Steve Orlando N117

Stevie Wilson H65

Street Noise Books Pub 21

Studio Two Boys A6

StudioHermit G53

Sunny Sun M111

Super Gay! A Podcast for Comic Book Gays U192


Tamra Bonvillain N125

Tana Ford P145

Taneka Stotts I67

Taryn Inglima – Kid Riot Comics P140

Taylor Mauldin & Lianne Pflug J81

Taylor Mauldin & Lianne Pflug J81

Temper Tantrum K87

Terry Blas R161

The Kimerson Show L104

The Livest Otaku I75

The Shortstack Pack H66

The Yam Fam O132

TheDamnThinGuy (Vic Regis) R166

TigerLion Moikana S173

ToonSkribblez N120

TopatoCo Pub 18

Two Thangs S168

Valentine Barker M110

Valhethella N126

Vanessa Satone H65

Vintage Robot I74

Vita Ayala S170

Vox the Devil P139

Wendy Xu T180

Wing & Weft Gloves L100

Woolybearz R159

Yarnies by Mikey T178

Yogurt Fluff L97

Yoshi Yoshitani H57

Zachariah Roane Q152

Zelly T K90

ZombieDaisuke E34