Mocha Lite

Mocha is so excited to return to the FlameCon Stage for the Fireball! The very first FlameCon she stormed the stage as She – Hulk, then killed as Freddie Kruger, and kicked butt as Chun-Li. She is a 15 year drag veteran, who loves NY and takes great pride in every step on every stage .

Able Ray

Originally from the warm lands of Ecuador, Abel got into Burlesque on a dare making his stage debut for White Elephant Burlesque.

His main burlesque inspirations are Carlos Gardell, Dita Von-Tease and Justin Trudeau. He defines his style of burlesque as absent-minded, mostly distracting, and definitely magical.

Although most of the time Abel doesn’t know what’s happening or how he got there, he still can make a mean Sangria.

The World's Largest Queer Comic Con

The World's Largest Queer Comic Con