Anja Keister

Anja Keister has been performing burlesque since 2010 and is most known for founding and producing her Nerdlesque group D20 Burlesque, which has been running themed shows in NYC since 2011 while also bringing large scale productions to DEXCON, Gen Con, the Escapist Expo, and more. Anja has also co-produced Totally 90’s Trivia, Dungeons & Drag Kings and has been on the production team of The Nerdlesque Festival which celebrated it’s 5th year in 2019. During her time in the Nerdlesque and Burlesque world, Anja has worked with Welcome to Night Vale, The McElroy Brothers, Double Fine Adventure, the Mountain Goats, and Homestar Runner to produce tributes to their properties. On the convention circuit, Anja moderated panels on women in gaming at PAX East, PAX Prime and the Escapist Expo. She has also spoken on panels at the CLAGS Queers in Comics conference and been invited to lecture at numerous college.