Accessibility Information

Each year Flame Con strives to make itself as accessible as possible. Please reference the list of accessibility features available during the convention. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to make specific arrangements, please contact us at:


  • Elevators
    Two separate banks of elevators are available for use during the convention, including a set that goes directly to the upper floors where hotel rooms are located. The elevators are centrally located to the con space, minimizing the need for long travel from any particular area.
  • Ramps
    Ramp routes are available for all areas of the convention where necessary, though most of the con space does not require stairs to access.
    Ramps will also be available to access all raised stage areas for our programming presenters and performers.
  • Signs & Staff
    Flame Con will have numerous signs pointing the way to various areas of the con. We want everyone to be able to get where they’re going quickly and safely without getting lost. We will also have several staff available around the con who will be able to point people in the right direction, so please feel free to ask.
  • Information Table
    Information Tables are present on all convention floors including:

    • Main (2nd) Floor – Just outside the vendor hall we will have a staffed information table available for any and all questions you might have.
    • 3rd Floor – In the main lobby, just next to the elevators and
    • Additionally, if you should need assistance, or have concerns please feel free to ask any of our volunteer team in the pink or silver capes.

Program Guides

  • Alternate Program Guides
    We will have braille and large-print program guides available upon request. Please be courteous and only request these items if you require them; supplies are limited.


  • Gender Neutral
    All restrooms are gender neutral for the convention and will be labeled as such. Anyone may use any bathroom, regardless of gender.
    Waste disposal bins will be available in all stalls.
  • Wheelchair Accessible
    Each floor of the convention space contains single occupancy, wheelchair accessible bathrooms. These are located near the elevators.
  • Sharps Bins
    Each bathroom will contain a suitable sharps disposal bin which may be used as needed.

Quiet Space

  • Quiet Lounge
    Flame Con offers a Quiet Lounge for anyone needing a quiet place to sit and be away from the crowds. This space may be used by anyone during the con. Come take a break when you need it, no matter the reason.

Service Animals

  • Flame Con follows all current regulations as defined by the ADA.
  • All service dog handlers must be in control of their service dogs at all times. Service dogs will be expected to be reasonably quiet and well-groomed, and will be entirely the responsibilities of their respective handlers. Any service dog found to be out of their handler’s control, aggressive, or un-housebroken will be asked to leave the venue. In this case, the service dog handler may be allowed to return without the animal and offered reasonable accommodations.

Air Quality

  • Smoke Free
    Flame Con is a smoke / vape free environment. There are designated smoking facilities outside of the convention space that may be used for smoking / vaping.
  • Low Scent
    Flame con is not a fragrance free space, but we do encourage everyone to limit the use of strong scents and perfumes.


  • Presenter Audio
    Each panel and workshop will have microphones available for the panelists / presenters to use during their talks so that they may be heard clearly around the entire room.
  • Captioning
    We encourage all presenters w/ video content to caption their content, but we are unable to guarantee all content will be captioned.
  • Accessible Seating
    Space in each panel room will be designated for wheelchair users and those who need to be close to the panelists for lip reading.

Allies – Contributing to making Flame Con accessible

As an able bodied person, there are many ways you can help make Flame Con a more welcoming and enjoyable experience for disabled people. The following are ways you can contribute.

    • Elevators
      While the two floors of the con space do have several elevators connecting them, there are also multiple staircases available. In order to ensure that those who need elevator access are able to use them, please take the stairs if you are able to do so.
    • Clear Paths
      The hall space between areas can easily become full of people, please help maintain a clear traveling area and do not sit or stand in designated traffic paths.
    • Accessibility Zones
      Specific seating in panel, workshop, and performance areas will be designated for accessibility access. Please respect these areas and keep them available for those who need them.
    • Air Quality
      Please keep scents and perfumes to a minimum amount, as they can be unpleasant or cause harmful to many individuals. Smoking may only be done in designated areas outside the convention space.
    • Service Animal Etiquette
      Please refrain from interacting and distracting service animals while at Flame Con, this prevents them from providing the assistance they are there for. This includes not petting, distracting, or taking photos of service animals.
    • Offer help w/o assumption
      If you wish to try and help a disabled person, please ask and obtain their consent first, without assuming they need or want help. Do not be offended if they decline your offer. And if they do accept, listen to the details of how they would like help before acting.
    • Speak Up
      Everyone has a right and a responsibility to speak up for accessibility. It is all of our responsibility to collectively contribute to an accessible convention experience by keeping walkways clear, providing trigger warnings when necessary, not interfering with service animals, and being respectful of the individual needs of our community. If a convention space or event is inaccessible, please make convention staff aware.
    • Privacy
      Please be courteous and respect people’s privacy by not commenting on their ability or disability, their necessary accommodations, their gender identity or presentation, or any aspect of their personal identity which they may wish to keep private.