The Importance of Queer Erotica

The Importance of Queer Erotica

Erotica? Smut? Porn? Our panelists discuss what defines erotica to them, why they decided to make their own and what challenges creating queer content brings.


Blue Delliquanti
writes and draws the Lambda-nominated webcomic O Human Star ( Her work has also appeared in multiple anthologies, including Beyond and Smut Peddler.

Fyodor Pavlov
is a freelance illustrator, comic artist and smut peddler. Together with his creative partner and spouse Lewd Alfred Douglas, Pavlov co-directs the flagship branch of Dr. Sketchy’s in New York. The two are also responsible for the webcomic Baritarian Boy and, together with writer Kelsey Hercs, Bash Back.

JC Etheredge
is the artist behind, artwork that’s penetrated almost all recesses of print and web publishing over the years. And though being an erotica artist has closed some doors, it has set him apart from the thousands of illustrators all vying for your attention, solidifying his place as an innovator in a genre that will continue to stay interesting and relevant forever! Or at least until the world stops being obsessed with penises. So, again, forever!

Kori Michelle
is a nonbinary-gendered, watercoloring cartoonist whose credits include webcomics Prince of Cats and DOVETAIL, and contributions to Beyond, Chainmail Bikini, Food Porn, and Love in All Forms. Kori is also the co-editor of The Other Side Anthology and is a regular contributor to Filthy Figments.

Lewd Alfred Douglas
Comic artist, Dr. Sketchy’s director and NYC based burlesque performer specializing in historically informed acts, attended Central Saint Martins in London.

Tab Kimpton
is Queer comic artist based in England. His works include Khaos Komix, Shades of A, Minority Monsters and Sir, Butler and Boy (aka Gay Butt-lers). Read his angsty filth at