Self Publishing


While mainstream publishing is becoming more of an option, creating and promoting work with queer themes still often means diving headlong into the world of the small press: if no one else is going to do it, you’ve got to do it yourself! It’s easy to start a website, but seeing the work you want in print — whether it’s your own or others’ — brings another set of challenges. The good news is, the tools to do it are now readily available, from POD services to access to high quality printers around the world, fulfillment and shipping services, pre-order and crowdfunding options. But where do you start?

Our panelists are experienced with small publishing and small publishing services, from crowdfunding to finding a queer-friendly printer to fulfillment. Bring your questions about small press publishing and learn more about how you can do it yourself!


Aimee Fleck

Cecilia Tan

George Rohac

Tea Fougner